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Construction and Development Corporation

GCDC provides engineering, construction, maintenance, and development services and solutions to clients in the Philippines.

The name "Grundstein" comes from the German word for "cornerstone." Traditionally, the cornerstone was the first stone set when constructing the foundation of a building. How the succeeding stones are laid is dependent on the position and placement of the cornerstone, and the entire future structure is dependent on the strength and stability of the foundation.

The GCDC team has a combined experience of more than five years. Our team composed of graduates from the country's leading universities: highly-skilled, well-trained contractors, architects, and engineers who are dedicated to creating world-class, sustainable, structurally-sound buildings and facilities.


At Grundstein Construction and Development Corporation, we believe in the importance of a solid business foundation. We have established our business on the groundwork of our company's core values.

Guided by Integrity

The best business relationships are based on trust.

We begin and complete our projects on time, and treat all of our clients with courtesy and professionalism. We believe in the importance of honesty and accountability in business. Like our structures, we want our relationship with our clients to only get better with time.

Creativity and Innovation

Modern problems need modern solutions.

Our team at Grundstein Construction and Development Corporation is encouraged to think out of the box and find new ways to solve problems. As such, our team can be dependent upon to come up with exciting new ways to build. With our cutting-edge construction techniques, materials, and equipments, we put these ideas into action. We always strive to find new ways to continually improve and provide lasting value to our clients through modern solutions.

Diligence and Exceeding Expectation

Working hard on the small details that make up the big picture.

At GCDC, we make finding the perfect building solutions easier for our clients - we do this by doing the hard work ourselves. We don't just work hard: we work smart, coming up with creative solutions when needed. We pride ourselves on watching over every detail of a project, from start to completion, to ensure that everything is done according to specifications, on schedule, and according to budget. We aim to go above and beyond what our clients expect of us: our client' happiness is our basis for our success.

Commitment to Quality and Lasting Value

Quality as a commitment.

Our commitment is to always provide safe, superior building solutions through exceptional workmanship, high-quality materials and equipment, and innovative design at a competitive rates. Those who have chosen us to provide their building solutions know that we maintain the highest standards in everything that we do, which is why new clients become loyal clients, providing us with repeat business through numerous projects.

Our Mission

  • To continually strive for and achieve industry excellence, and provide world-standard construction to our clients time after time.
  • To remain dedicated to our company's core values of integrity, innovation, and quality. We are commited to being open and honest at all times, from the materials to the scope of work. We strive to be professional in all aspects: starting and completing projects on time, with no unexpected delays.
  • To create a positive working environment and foster healthy relationships both internally, with our team and worker base, and externally, with our clients.

Our Vision

  • To use our resources and skills to treat industry challenges as opportunities for growth.
  • To have all the benefits of a local business and an international firm -- accessibility and support coupled with adherence to international standards and a global reach.
  • To become a leader in the construction and development industry in Asia and beyond.

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