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GCDC can provide valuable insight into selection of the best design team for your project. We can make unbiased recommendations for the most qualified, cost effective design firms for architectural, railroad, fire protection, water treatment, civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering design. GCDC can coordinate and oversee all the design development efforts for your project.

GCDC can manage a wide range of pre-construction services including permitting, site selection, site development, gas supply, electrical supply, water supply, water treatment, effluent discharge, roads, and rail service. GCDC can also develop an accurate project budget and a detailed project schedule.


GCDC can pull together the best construction team to get your project done right, on time and under budget. We can prepare Requests For Proposals (RFP’s) and get competitive bids from qualified contractors. With professional services from GCDC you can save money by having key contractors bid directly to you rather than have them work under the general contractor.


GCDC can manage any or all aspects of your construction project. We can work effectively with you and your staff, and serve as your Construction Manager to coordinate the efforts of the entire design and construction team. GCDC can help ensure the design meets your needs, supports your process, and the project runs smoothly. We can conduct regular site inspections, lead ongoing project team meetings, and provide detailed meeting minutes. We can coordinate the services of utility companies, governmental agencies, contractors and machinery suppliers. We can also closely monitor the construction progress, maintain the project schedule, monitor the capital budget and provide you with detailed monthly Progress Reports. Above all, GCDC can look out for YOUR interests to make your project a success.


GCDC can save you money by diligently pursuing cost saving opportunities with architects, engineers, contractors & suppliers throughout the duration of the project. We have saved our clients millions of dollars in capital expenditures. Our goal for every project is to find cost savings in excess of the cost of our services. GCDC can also save you money by expediting the construction schedule. We can also monitor monthly billings to track actual construction costs versus the budget. In addition, we can manage the change order process, review all change orders and identify inappropriate billings.